toc toc

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Toc toc.

-Hi. That’s me. I hope I’m not interrupting something…

“ I see it’s you. W-what are you doing….here?

-Well, I was just hanging around…I thought I might be fun if I just pop up to you’re place. Is it?

“ Is it what?

“No. not really victor. I’m kind of…not alone right now.

-Oh…I see. Is it HIM?

“ Yes. Yes it’s him. And you, you don’t really have business here anymore, remember?

-How could I forget this joyful day when I found the both of you…

“ ….yeah, well, would you mind leaving now?

-Oh no come on! I’m fine with that now! You know my therapist really help figure it out! Those shrinks are hell of good sometimes you know…you should try.

“I’ll think of it. Thanks for coming Vic. Bye.” And she slapped the door.


Actually, if she hadn’t tell me HE was there, I would have gone back to my car and drove my sorrow away. But well, that was hell of an occasion!!! I was on my way to work. I got back to my Buick, picked up the hammer in the trunk. And…

Toc toc, again.

In the room, steps on the carpet, voices whispering beyond the woody door and then, the crackle of the handle. This asshole have had enough guts to open the door. What a lucky me! I took, in one shot, his brain out of his head. I guess he’s now really out of his mind, I thought. She left, running, screaming all of the way as if it made her run faster. I walk in. Can you imagine that this bitch had sell my paintings? Okay, they sucked…but still. Anyway…

She tried the windows in the bathroom, but I was lying when we used to talk about her diet. She got stuck in the frame and was so pathetic, waving her legs as if she was swimming. I grabbed her feet and pulled hard. Of course, she fell on the tiled floor broking one or two teeth, - actually, I didn’t really see because of the blood. She kept screaming, and it was pretty stressing me out. I laid her on the back.

-Why on the earth did you have to tell me that this motherfucker was here, fucking you?!! Because now I’m kinda mad at you, you know!! And this asshole over there, wouldn’t be out of his brain!! -Sorry I had to make this one. But, well that’s pretty much where we are now! So what are we gonna do? huh?

“S-s-so-sorry, I’m-I’m so sorry about that….b-blurl! (well, I think that’s what she said, bubbling in her blood).

-B-blurl???? What the hell is that supposed to mean?? Do you mean that you feel so sorry that a crap would be more dignified right now?? Yes? Do you? Because if you do so, damn let me tell you something : you got a point!!!

At this moment, I don’t really know how it happened but it seems like my arm fell, with the hammer, right on her forehead. And, well, you know what’s next. Blood, pieces of bones, trickling flesh and stuffs that you usually see in Z movies.

I stood back, got out the house stepped in my car, turned the key and push the accelerator. It’s alarming how easy it is to kill somebody. All you need is a hammer and enough despair to have nothing to loose.

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